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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

D Day

Last picture taken pregnant! This is right before we left for the hospital at 4 a.m.

We were set for the first csection delivery of the day so had to be at the hospital at 4:30 a.m. So as you can imagine I didn't sleep much the night before. Maybe 2 hours?

On the way to the hospital we both were just kind of in a trance. So many emotions! Excited, scared, worried, peaceful... It didn't hit me until the drive there that I was having surgery. I've never had surgery. I started to get really nervous thinking about it. So much that I couldn't stop shaking...We got to labor and delivery and met our sweet nurse and she walked us through everything. I just remember sitting on the bed in the prep room, so uncomfortable with my huge belly that was measuring 42 weeks, thinking...this is really happening.

They wheeled me into the operating room, without Josh, he would come in after they had started. I got my spinal tap, which actually just felt like a mosquito bit. I was expecting much worse! And then they began. Right after the dr. made the incision Josh came in and sat by me. It was but 5 mins. later the dr. said "here is baby A!" Josh was able to stand up and watch them pull him out. The dr. said he had tons of hair and was pooping! They then went over and weighed him and called out 7 pounds 2 ounces. I looked at Josh and asked if they just said he was 7 pounds 2 ounces! I was shocked he was that big. All I could hear was him grunting, no cry. The NICU team in the room was messing with him and trying to get him to cry. They said since it was a csection he didn't get all the fluid pushed out of his lungs so he was just grunting. So, for a little bit they worked on getting him to cry and were debating taking him to the NICU... a minute later the dr. said "and here is baby b!" She came out screaming! The first thing Josh said was "She is beautiful, she has your nose. She looks just like you." The whole pregnancy he kept telling me that he hoped she had my nose. So, it was a sweet moment when he said that. They took her to the scale and she was 5 pounds 8 ounces. I couldn't believe how big they were...They quickly cleaned her up and gave her to Josh. Not much later they decided baby boy was fine and cleaned him up and gave him to Josh...The next thing I know, I looked over and Josh had both the babies and was leaning down to show me. It was a surreal moment. I couldn't believe these precious babies had just come out of me and they were ours.

After they finished the surgery and cleaning me up, they took us the recovery room. The nursery team was in there still trying to get Everett to cry. They said they were going to give him a bath because most new babies don't enjoy it and will cry.  Well, of course he loved it and just grunted the whole time. His little noises were precious...While they were trying to get Everett to cry they let me nurse Emery. She latched on immediately and went to town. It was a super sweet moment...A little after the bath Everett finally did start crying and they decided he was fine, just needed to work on getting that fluid out.

After I finally got the feeling back in my legs (what a scary feeling!), we were able to head to our post partum room. Our family was dying to see us! They had been in the waiting room since 8 am but since Everett was having a hard time breathing, we took a little while longer in the recovery room.

They wheeled me in my bed with both babies in my arms down the hall to our room & past our family. They were super excited to see u! It was neat to see our family at the end of the hall before we got to them with their huge smiles on their face. They were so excited!

The rest of that day was kind of a blur. I was still on tons of meds and wasn't aloud out of bed for 24 hrs. We had TONS and TONS of visitors! They were already so loved. I just kept looking at them and thinking, you are mine! You were just inside me. Such a surreal and absolutely wonderful feeling!

37 weeks

Blog post from back in April...

This is it! This is the week we get to meet them. Can't believe I made it 37 weeks! I'd played different scenarios over and over in my mind & very few of them had me getting this far. What a blessing!

I didn't have to work on Friday or Monday because of Easter weekend! Great timing! That meant that I was able to work exactly up to the day I had them. Again, something I never imagined when we found out we were having twins.

Overall, I was feeling good. Finally super uncomfortable and a little tired of being pregnant. BUT that meant that I had to face reality. I really lived in a place of being super excited to meet them and scared to death of what was ahead...TWO BABIES! This kind of just left me in a content place of whatever is meant to happen will. No rush...

We went on our last date as just a couple to one of our favorite places, Dean Fearings. It was nice to just sit and talk about our hopes and fears for the upcoming delivery and for our new life with the twins. It was a sweet moment.

My mom and I also made tons of frozen crock pot meals. Figure life is going to get crazy when they are here so need as many things to be simple as possible. 

I had an apt. on Monday (April 9th), my last apt. before they came on Wednesday. The sonogram was good. They were measuring huge. The sonographer said she didn't even want to tell me the measurements because there was no way they were right. Boy was measuring 7 pounds 10 ounces and girl was measuring 6 pounds 1 ounce. She said they were just so smushed that it made it really hard to get accurate measurements.

When I met with the dr. she said that my blood pressure was a little higher then normal for me and I had some caffeine in my urine. Both signs of preclampsia. She said that my pregnancy had gone so picture perfect that she wanted to change their delivery date to the next day ( Tuesday April 10th). So, I left the dr. office kind of in a state of shock, but super excited to finally meet these two little ones.  Of course Josh had tons of things he was going to do the day before the twins came, so went into panic mode when I told him we were having them a day early.

I couldn't believe that this pregnancy was coming to an end. We were so excited to meet these precious babies that we had been praying for so long!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maternity Photos

A few weeks ago we had maternity pictures taken by our good friend Ryan Ray! We are so happy with how they turned out! Check out this talented guy and his wonderful work over at

35 & 36 Weeks

Once again time has flown by! We have spent the last 2 weeks trying to wrap up everything around the house. The garage remodel is almost finished. Key word...almost. As always, everything always takes longer then it is supposed to and of course it won't be finished by the time the babies are here like we were hoping (or I was hoping). This means that the 2 guest rooms upstairs and the loft are also still in a mess since those are the rooms that need to be moved to the garage. BUT, it's really close!

35 Week Dr. Apt:
We set a birthday!!! April 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So surreal! I'll be 37 weeks and 5 days!
Here are the stats:
Boy = 6 pounds; 133 heartbeat
Girl = 5 pounds 10 ounces (big gain for her!) 144 heartbeat
Everything else was the same. Still in the same positions. Blood pressure good.

36 Week Dr. Apt:
Well there really isn't much to report. The dr. said they are just too smushed together on my small frame to get measurements. She said they are 6 pounds each give or take. She is extremely happy with that! Their heartbeats were good and they were busy bees moving around on the sono screen. Only one more dr. apt. before we get to meet them!

Nursery update: Bedding came in! It looks great! Want to finish a few more things before I post picts, but it's coming along great!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

33 & 34 Weeks

My computer totally crashed over Spring Break so I'm behind! Luckily, we got it fixed though so I'll try to get back on track :)

33 Weeks
This week was Spring Break! It could not have come at a better time. I was able to cross off pretty much everything on my "twins to-do list." I made all the exchanges I needed to, picked up last minute things like crib pads etc., bought some boy clothes, and washed all their clothes. We have been so blessed by girl clothes! We were given tub after tub, literally, of girl clothes ranging from newborn to 2 years. Such a blessing! Girl clothes can be pricey! This week I had the task of going through it all and trying to figure out which stuff we would realistically wear. I know they grow so fast that many outfits only get warn once. Our poor little guy though was left without much. Girl clothes are just so much more fun to buy! I did enjoy getting to shop this week for boy clothes though. They have actually gotten much better about options and it's not just all jumpers and fire trucks (which I hate!).

My dr. was on Spring Break herself so I only had a sono. this week. Everything looked good! Here are their stats:
Boy = 5 pound 10 ounces; 144 heartbeat
Girl = 4 pounds 8 ounces; 141 heartbeat
The little boy was really curled up, so she had a hard time getting his exact measurements. She said that his weight was probably closer to 5 pounds 8 ounces.
Their positions were still the same. The sonographer asked me if I feel the little girls head all up in my ribs. Of course I said yes & told her that I'm constantly trying to push her down. She then said, "Man the dr. is going to have to go in and dig her out." Dig her out? Yikes! Not exactly what I wanted to hear. : ) 

Towards the end of the week I got to have a little bit of R&R. My mom and I got a pedicure! Gosh, I thought I loved pedicures before I was pregnant. Now, they are even more amazing. My feet just kill me because of work! We also got to visit with some of our good friends and see their new house in Rockwall. We figured our days are numbered where we will be able to leave the house for a while, so we are trying to get out a do things that we have been wanting to. We just love the Granberry's and also have a great time just laughing together.  

34 weeks
This week I organized the nursery! Josh had to make some final touches to the nursery paint over Spring Break, so I was finally able to get in there and make it actually resemble a nursery. :) I put all the clothes away, got organized, and sampled some curtains. The bedding and chair come in the first week of April! The walls are empty but I figured the decor part would kind of be a work in progress. I know what I want on the wall with the cribs so I'll probably do that next week. Josh is in charge of the other wall and is going to do a couple paintings. I don't think he's been inspired yet though. :) I'll do a nursery post once the bedding comes in so you can get the full idea.

Dr. apt. went good this week. Josh came with me so he got to see their precious faces and hear their heartbeats. It really is amazing to see and brings tears to my eyes every single week I see them. Here are their stats. They are finally starting to slow down a little.
Boy = 5 pounds 13 ounces; 139 heartbeat
Girl = 4 pounds 13 ounces; 161 heartbeat (she was super busy!)
The sono. was really neat because the little girls head is so close to my skin that it was like a 3d sono. You could see every detail of her face. She was staring right at us. One of her cheeks was really smushed and had something right next to it. So I asked what that was & she zoomed out and said that it was the little boys knee! So funny! They are all packaged in their tight. No wonder they say twins like to sleep together.

Every week the dr. measures my belly just to make sure that my uterus is growing correctly. For a single pregnancy your belly is the same number as the weeks you are. For twins, it's about 3-4 weeks ahead. Not really sure why this is necessary with twins, hello have you seen the basketball under my shirt?!?! she measured it and I asked what it was & she just smiled and said it's pretty big. I then said, no for real what is it? She said 39 weeks, but that's normal! 39 weeks?!?! Holy cow! 

We also got to set the date that she won't let me go past...April 11!! So, if I don't have them before then, that will be their birthday! We were pretty excited to be able to set a date and have an end goal in mind. I would be 37 weeks and 5 days! Can't believe that's in 3 weeks! Not exactly sure how my poor belly will make it 3 more weeks, but the dr. keeps saying it will. :)

I think that's all for now. Hopefully this week we'll get our maternity picts. in so I'll have something fun to post next week!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

32 Weeks

We finally started the nursery! Here are some teaser picts!
These are the sample fabrics for the bedding and our color inspiration.

The room started off this dark blue. Josh had a great time getting the light color to cover all this dark blue.

Color & Fabric Samples
Standing on my feet all day at work chasing around twenty, 8 year olds, with a basketball sized stomach, has started to take its toll on my body. At night time my ankles and feet are starting to swell, so I have to make sure and sit all day with my feet propped up. Gosh, this hard! Didn't realize how much I walk around and teach standing up. But I'll do anything to avoid bedrest. 

I had a dr. apt. this week and got to see the babies! They are still growing like crazy! Here are the stats:
Boy = 4 pounds 15 ounces; heartbeat 131
Girl = 4 pounds 2 ounces; heartbeat 134
Everything else looked great. She was still super impressed with how big they are and said that the boy is big for a single and the girl is growing at a normal single rate. She had me book the next two weeks of apts. and then said at 34 weeks we would see where we are. She wants me to at least make it to 36 weeks, which is the last weekend in March. I'm thinking Easter weekend sounds like a great time to have a birthday! I'd be 37 weeks! So, we shall see.  

This next week is Spring Break and I could not be more excited! I crossing off what's left of the "Twin To-do List" and putting finishing touches on the nursery & just relaxing! Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

31 Weeks

The weeks are coming and going so fast! I can't keep up!...I had my last shower at school. It was so fun to celebrate the twins with all my coworkers. Can't believe 5 years ago we were having our wedding shower there. It's been such a blessing to walk through life with these ladies.  
3 pregnant teachers! Kristen on the right is 35 weeks, me 31 weeks, and Julie is 26 weeks!
The biggest change this week has been the contractions! I've been having braxton hicks contractions for about a month now, but this last week they have really started to be noticeable. My stomach makes the weirdest shape when I'm having a contraction and you can see exactly where their heads and butts are since it gets so tight. So strange!...The other biggest change has been sleep! Or lack there of. I have to go to the bathroom every 2/3 hours. Makes for great sleep. :) It's usually a contraction that wakes me up and then I realize I'm dieing to go to the bathroom. It feels like I haven't gone to the bathroom all day. Amazing how cramped these babies make everything. But, having a contraction w/ a full bladder and climbing over our 100+ pound dog in bed, makes for a pretty challenging sleep. 

Next week I start my weekly dr. apts! Crazy it's already here.  We are also painting the nursery this weekend, so I'll post some teasers!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

29 & 30 Weeks

The last 2 weeks have been super busy! Pretty sure I haven't sat on the couch and chilled any, therefore my blogging has slacked.

Week 29 
We ran around like crazy! I had Chili Cook Off at school & the theme was "Peace Out Baby." Since one of my coworkers is due at the end of March. We dressed up in 70s gear and I got to show off my belly. 

You can't tell but the Art teacher drew...peace, love and babies! It was super cute!
 Josh turned 32!! Can't believe it! We celebrated it by going to dinner in Dallas at this yummy Italian restaurant called Nonna. It reminded us of NY/Italy so much! It only had about 10 tables and was really small and narrow. It was great!

Week 30  -30 Weeks! Holy Cow!
Had a wonderful shower hosted by some of teacher friends & my sisters in law! It was perfect! We celebrated the babies with some of our family and family friends! The twins are so spoiled & they aren't even here! I haven't gotten the picts. yet from a friends camera, so I'll post those when I get them.

I had a Dr. apt. Tuesday at 30 weeks. Everything looked great! The babies are growing like crazy. The dr. opened my file after the sono and was like "Wow! I'm super impressed! You grow amazing sized twins!" It made me laugh. :) She said that the boy is in the 65% and the girl is 49% and that's for singles. She said usually they just want twins in the 20%. Here were the stats:
Boy: 4 pounds (gained 1 pound in 2 weeks!) 144 heart rate
Girl: 3 pounds 8 ounces; 145 heart rate
Cervix is still long and thick
It's getting harder to see what everything is on the sono screen because it's getting so crowded in there. They are still in the same position they have been for the last month. Dr. Flowers said she wouldn't be surprised if that's how they stay. They are making a T shape. With the girl at the top and the boy laying head down right in the middle of my stomach. She said that if they don't change then I'll have to have a C section. If the girl starts to head down then she would let me try natural. We shall see!

We ordered our glider this week and it should come in right before they arrive. I had such a hard time finding a glider. It was crazy! They were either super expensive or just not the style we wanted. I really wanted one that matched our master bedroom bc we will keep it in there while they are down stairs and then move it upstairs in the nursery when they are a little bit older. We finally found one we liked though! We are painting the nursery this weekend! Then all we have to do is wait for the bedding to arrive. It's coming right before they get here too. Can't believe it's finally all coming together. 
Blurry pict. but you get the point!
 That's all for now. 31 weeks is my last week with no dr. apt. I have been going every 2 weeks since 20 weeks, and at 32 weeks I start going every week. Time is flying! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heavy Heart

The last week or so has been one of the hardest things I've ever been through. Our good friends, Robyn & Bryan Adams went into labor Jan. 1st at 19 weeks with their twin boys. Baby A, Titus, water broke on Jan. 2nd, but they were able to stop labor and put her on hospital bed rest. So they spent the next 5 weeks in the hospital. They got to hear both boys heart beats every morning and night & see them through sono. every few days. They were growing and staying strong. The dr.'s were very concerned about Titus' lungs because he was not storing any ambiotic fluid. But the Adams remained hopeful and as they always do, put their trust in the Lord and his plan. We spent the next 5 weeks at the hospital with the Adams begging and pleading with the Lord to keep the boys in as long as possible and to create a miracle in Titus' lungs. The peace and faith that the Adams showed was absolutely amazing. Awe inspiring.

On February 2, at almost 24 weeks, Robyn's labor progressed and at 8:02 p.m. Titus was born vaginally. A few minutes later, his brother, Asher Mark, was born via emergency csection. It caught everyone off guard and it all happened so fast. They took both the boys to the NICU immediately after they were born. Titus passed away 46 minutes later after putting up an amazing fight. Asher remained stable in the NICU. That night we gathered with a few other couples and our pastor and were able to hold and love on Titus. There really are no words to describe that experience. We were able to spend a few hours surrounding Titus, loving on him and praying over him. It was absolutely amazing to see our church community surround this precious baby boy and the Adams. Nothing like I've ever experienced.

The last week and half has been such an emotional roller coaster. We've surrounded the Adams through the grieving and sadness of losing Titus, yet celebrating and being hopeful about the life of Asher. The Adams have been absolutely amazing and continue to glorify the Lord through all the pain. They have the faith that we always hope we would have when we are tested, but they are actually living it. 

Titus & Asher Adams we have loved you since you were placed in your mothers womb as 2 tiny cell structures. We have prayed over you at every phase of development and have known that you would have a huge impact on the world. Titus, although your life was far too short, we know that you were such a fighter and saved your brother. Your life has had more purpose then we ever thought possible. Asher, the last week we have just lived in awe of you. You have made such an impression on everyone in the NICU for such a little guy. We know that your life will too have a greater purpose then we can ever imagine. We look forward to watching how this plays out in the many years ahead. 

Robyn & Bryan, thank you for being such a godly couple that constantly puts the Lord first through every phase of life. It really is such an inspiration. You have touched more lives then you will ever know & have made such an impact on the kingdom of heaven. We love you more then you know.

I'll leave you with these two precious pictures of Titus and Asher.
 And the song that they played the day they were born and when we got to hold Titus. It'll forever be a special song.
Here is the Adams blog if you'd like to keep up with their story

28 Weeks

This last week flew by! I had my long 3 hour tolerance test. I was a little anxious about it since my mom had gestational diabetes. Luckily, it came back negative! Praise the Lord!

Had another Dr. apt. and things look great! The babies are still growing like crazy. Baby boy was 3 pounds and baby girl was 2 pounds 12 ounces. She has caught up to her brother some! Dr. Flowers said "Well, they are having no problem growing!" That's almost 6 pounds of baby. No wonder my stomach has gotten so big! My cervix was about the same, still long and closed. Feeling very blessed that things are going smooth. The dr. won't let me go past 37 weeks, so I guess that makes in the single week countdown! Crazy!! It's going to fly by!

This past weekend I had my first shower! It was perfect!! The girls did an adorable job & stuck with the gray, white, & yellow theme. It was precious! It was with my closest girl friends. It really felt surreal to be celebrating our precious babies. For so many years it's been other people's children, not ours. I felt so loved by such wonderful girls....Here is a sneak peak of how adorable it was! To see all the decor check out
I finally edited all the bump picts. we've taken, but now am having a hard time figuring out how to display them in the blog! Josh finished a huge project today, so tomorrow I'm sticking him on it. I've totally sucked at putting up the pictures. Ugh...

Hope you've had a great week!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

27 Weeks

Third trimester here we come!!

I can't believe it, we are starting into the third trimester. When I look at the calendar it feels like they will be here before we know it. Dr. Flowers won't let me go past 37 weeks so that puts us at early April at the latest. That makes us in the single week countdown! Can't believe it!

This week we found out I failed the Glucose Screening so have to take the long one. I have so many friends that said they failed the screening too, so hopefully I'll just be the same. My mom had gestational diabetes though, so it really wouldn't shock me if I did do. My nurse said that research is really on the fence about whether it's hereditary or not. If the tolerance test comes back positive then I'll have to control it with diet. Not exactly what you want to do when you're this pregnant, but it could be worse.

I started getting braxton hicks contractions this week. My whole stomach just gets really tight like I'm flexing. Pretty weird. Just my uterus "practicing." The weirdest thing about them is that I can feel exactly where the babies are when this happens. My stomach gets so tight that it just feels like two large masses in my tummy. Strange! Luckily they don't hurt, just kind of a strange feeling. The dr. asked me last week if I had started having them & was surprised when I said no, so I guess I'm right on time now.

Not sure why I said I had a shower this week on my last post, it's actually week 28. :) I also have a dr. apt., so will get to have more fun stats. on the growing babies!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

26 weeks

This week went by super fast! We had another Dr. apt. & everything looked great. Here are the stats:
Boy: 2 pounds 9 ounces; Heartbeat 144
Girl: 2 pounds; Heartbeat 145
We got a precious profile picture of baby girl, which have been hard to come by. She usually doesn't like to cooperate. Every sono we have they are laying in a different position. This time the boy was head down with his butt angled to my left a little bit, right by my belly button. The girl was laying vertical with her head to my left right under my ribs and stretched all the way across the top of my stomach. So, their feet were practically touching. She is so high that she often feels like she is right under my ribs. I took the glucose screening as well, where you get to drink a super sugary drink.

This week in class we learned all about using drugs during delivery. I thought it was interesting and learned some new stuff! I do want an epidural but didn't exactly know how that all works, so it's good to have some prior information.

We are still waiting on fabric samples, which is delaying painting a bit. Our cribs are being delivered next week thought! That's fun! That will for sure make us get busy working on the room! Next week I also have my first shower! I'm so excited! It feels pretty surreal actually!

Next week I'll have tons of picts!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

25 Weeks

I went to see Dr. Flowers and have a sono this week. It was a great visit! The babies are growing at the rate of single pregnancies. She said this is wonderful since twins obviously come early. It was also comforting to know that not only am I gaining weight, but that it's mostly all going to the babies. Here were their stats:
Boy: 1 pound 14 ounces; Heartbeat 142
Girl: 1 pound 9 ounces; Heartbeat 145
I'm measuring 28 weeks, 3 weeks ahead. This is also normal since obviously there are two babies in my tummy. My cervix looked great, the babies organs were growing at the normal rate, and my placenta is no longer sitting on my cervix! 

So thankful for big healthy babies! This also means that my clothes are starting to get too small. A few of my friends had told me that you'll have 3 major growth spurts for clothes, so guessing this is my 2nd one. This time it's all my shirts. My belly is growing so fast that my shirts can't keep up. Guess it's time for another shopping spree!

Next week will mark the 3rd trimester! Can't believe its gone so fast! Counting each week as a blessing!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

23/24 weeks & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a safe Happy New Year! 2012 here we come! We are so excited that 2012 is here. We know that it will be a year of many blessings, challenges, first, & hopefully wonderful things that we can't even fathom. But, we are ready and willing with open hands!

The last two weeks were super busy getting back into the swing of work and things. So, I obviously missed week 23. So I'll try to recap.

23 weeks 
Rang in 2012! Had a great relaxing night ringing in 2012 with our family. Headed back to work. It was a long week back getting used to waking up early again.

We started our Prepared Childbirth class at the hospital. We felt very knowledgeable having gone through the last 2 weeks with the Adams. We end every class with relaxation techniques on the ground, which Josh thinks is very comical. It is funny to look around the room and see a dozen pregnant women and their husbands in various positions learning "relaxation" techniques. We'll see if they actually come in handy. :)

Nursery Update
I've had a very very hard time find crib bedding that I like. Everything is just so "baby." It also is expensive, especially when you multiply it by 2! I also haven't been able to find anything in the colors I want. They also all come in full sets with bumpers. The latest thing is that you should only have bumpers in the crib while they can't roll over due to SIDS. It just seems like a huge waste of money to me to buy bumpers for just 3 months, especially when they won't even be in their crib the first 6 weeks or so. So...after talking to some friends everyone recommended a seamstress in town that is wonderful and affordable. I talked to her & she told me some great fabric stores. My mom and I went out this weekend and stopped at over 6 fabric stores & didn't find one thing! So frustrating! Can't really have her make bedding if you don't have any fabric to giver her. So, now I'm on to plan 2. Etsy!

Every few days I go up to the hospital and see the Adams. It really is amazing to see the Lord working in them and their story. Their boys are such fighters and I can't wait till the day we get to meet them! Each added day is counted as a blessing! Every day Robyn gets the heartbeats checked twice. 2 times this week I was there when this happened, so Bryan asked if we could listen to our twins heart beats too. The nurses both laughed and said that they would leave the heart monitors in the room and be gone for a while. Wink, Wink. So fun! It's always amazing to hear two little beings living inside you. If you listen closely you can hear them, at the very beginning is the best sound!

24 weeks - 6 months!! 
The babies have been super active lately! Now you can see them moving around by just watching my stomach. As you can imagine, this is very distracting if your 8, so we have many interesting conversations in class.  :)

My belly is growing straight out. Josh calls me "The Torpedo." I've found myself forgetting how much it just sticks out and will hit things with it. Totally embarrassing!
It was 80s day at school so I rocked it out in my 80s gear! Can't see the torpedo that well when I face forward. But, it's misleading!

6 months!!
Sleep has started to be hard. To start off, I'm a stomach sleeper, so always being on my sides is no fun. Then since I've gotten bigger and my stomach is all baby, my sides are hard. Earlier my stomach was at least cushiony. Now that they are bigger both my sides are pretty hard. I've tried the pillows in every which way & they just make me hot. Guess I'm just going to have to get used to it. I'll go a few days sleeping terribly & then by the third or so night I'm so tired that I sleep great. So some sleep is better then none.

Nursery Update
Etsy to the rescue! I found a ton of fabric in the color choices I was looking for on Etsy! I was able to order over 10 fabric samples that should come in this week. I'm super excited to see them.
The cribs should be delivered at the end of February so we have the next month to clean out the nursery room and paint! 

Next week I go see Dr. Flowers so I'll have more baby stats! Can't wait to see how much they've grown!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Thought I'd link up with some of my girl friends and do a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" Post:
  1. I'm loving...The Adams. This precious couple has quite a week. Robyn is 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys and went into labor. Most of you know the story from my Facebook updates. But, praise the Lord they didn't deliver the boys and Robyn is stable on hospital bedrest now....Boy, has this couple been such an amazing example to us. Through the ups and downs of this week they have been able to ultimately still desire to know Christ more above their own wants and desires. I know that we all say that and hope that when we are tested we will show that through our actions, but gosh, when you're in the mist of it all it can be hard to do....Josh and I have walked with this couple through many trials the last few years and have grown especially close through the pregnancy of both of our twins. So, obviously, this week has hit really close to home. It's for sure but Josh and I in check when we think about our twins & having open hands to the Lord and his ultimate plan....This week I'm more then ever thankful for this couple. 
2. I'm loving... Pinterest. BUT, not for the obvious reasons. More then looking at all the pictures and getting great ideas, I love all the blogs that I come across. I'm an amazing blog stocker! :) It's just like reading a book. You get a little glimpse into other people's reality. I love it!
3. I'm loving...Starbucks Decaf Salted Carmel Mocha. One of my besties, Jaimee, introduced this drink to me a while ago. Man, am I in love! I drink it a few times a week! So yummy!

4.I'm loving...Palmers! This stuff is amazing! I use the lotion & tummy butter in the morning and then the oil at night. It's just wonderful! Makes your tummy so soft all the time. Gotta keep those stretch marks away!

Hope you had a great day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

22 weeks & A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! 

This week we had the joy of celebrating Christmas with all our family. We love having all our immediate family on both sides close by. But, it does make for a lot of running around and a busy few days. Not sure what we'll do next year with the twins. It was fun to sit and think about how different next year with be with two 8 month olds around. It will be a fun age to have little ones around at Christmas! Unfortunately, Josh was sick most of the week so had to just take it easy all week. I hated that he was sick, but I loved getting to lay around with him and relax. Don't have to ask me twice to lay on the couch and watch movies with my hubby and fur babies!

This week I've really started to actually feel pregnant. Josh calls me the "torpedo" because my stomach just keeps grown straight out. I forget how much it sticks out and will try to fit in smaller spaces then I can. As you can see in the above picture, I finally actually look pregnant! Yeah! The babies have been super busy this week. They are constantly kicking & moving around. Josh and I have had fun just watching my stomach move around like crazy when I'm sitting down. 

I had another appointment with the high risk doctor and it went much better then the first time. He had much better bedside manners :) I have to go to the Dr. every 2 weeks now to have my cervix checked and to check the babies growth. Everything looked great. Your cervix is supposed to at least a 4 or longer, if it's 2 1/2 or lower then you have to go on bedrest and possibly have it stitched up. Mine was so long that he didn't even measure it. He said he knew just by looking it was well over 4. Yippee! Want those babies to stay put! Sonograms are also fun at this stage because they just move around the whole time. You could see a full kick where they bend their knee and then kick. At this point they are all over my stomach. The little boy is always a little lower then the girl, but they both move around vertically and horizontally. This sono. they were horizontal and the little girls feet were all but kicking the boys head. Sibling rivalry is already starting. :) As always, the boy was very photogenic and we got to see beautiful profile pictures. The girl was not cooperating and would just stare straight at us. Not sure, what this says about our future and their personalities. :)

This week we also registered. It wasn't as fun or glorious as I had expected. We went during the week thinking it would be less crowded so we wouldn't get frustrated and get more help. Well, it was less crowded, but we had a really hard time getting help. Josh also didn't enjoy seeing how expensive everything was. I'm the one who has done all the research so had a good understanding of how much all this baby stuff runs, but not my hubby. And on top of that, we have to get 2 of some things since we have 2 babies. I tried my best to really only register for the most important things. Goodness though, it is overwhelming. You could drop some serious cash in no time. Anyways, it was fun to think about our upcoming showers and the babies actually getting to use all the fun stuff!

I'm still hounding Josh to give me the baby bump pictures so I can start putting them up with each post. But, of course he wants to edit them and play with lighting. This week though I will get them!

Next week we start our childbirthing class, so I'm sure I'll have some great stories!

Hope you had a blessed Christmas!