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Saturday, January 28, 2012

26 weeks

This week went by super fast! We had another Dr. apt. & everything looked great. Here are the stats:
Boy: 2 pounds 9 ounces; Heartbeat 144
Girl: 2 pounds; Heartbeat 145
We got a precious profile picture of baby girl, which have been hard to come by. She usually doesn't like to cooperate. Every sono we have they are laying in a different position. This time the boy was head down with his butt angled to my left a little bit, right by my belly button. The girl was laying vertical with her head to my left right under my ribs and stretched all the way across the top of my stomach. So, their feet were practically touching. She is so high that she often feels like she is right under my ribs. I took the glucose screening as well, where you get to drink a super sugary drink.

This week in class we learned all about using drugs during delivery. I thought it was interesting and learned some new stuff! I do want an epidural but didn't exactly know how that all works, so it's good to have some prior information.

We are still waiting on fabric samples, which is delaying painting a bit. Our cribs are being delivered next week thought! That's fun! That will for sure make us get busy working on the room! Next week I also have my first shower! I'm so excited! It feels pretty surreal actually!

Next week I'll have tons of picts!

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The Granberrys said...

I want pics!! : ) Can't wait for next weekend! Love you and the twins!