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Sunday, January 1, 2012

22 weeks & A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! 

This week we had the joy of celebrating Christmas with all our family. We love having all our immediate family on both sides close by. But, it does make for a lot of running around and a busy few days. Not sure what we'll do next year with the twins. It was fun to sit and think about how different next year with be with two 8 month olds around. It will be a fun age to have little ones around at Christmas! Unfortunately, Josh was sick most of the week so had to just take it easy all week. I hated that he was sick, but I loved getting to lay around with him and relax. Don't have to ask me twice to lay on the couch and watch movies with my hubby and fur babies!

This week I've really started to actually feel pregnant. Josh calls me the "torpedo" because my stomach just keeps grown straight out. I forget how much it sticks out and will try to fit in smaller spaces then I can. As you can see in the above picture, I finally actually look pregnant! Yeah! The babies have been super busy this week. They are constantly kicking & moving around. Josh and I have had fun just watching my stomach move around like crazy when I'm sitting down. 

I had another appointment with the high risk doctor and it went much better then the first time. He had much better bedside manners :) I have to go to the Dr. every 2 weeks now to have my cervix checked and to check the babies growth. Everything looked great. Your cervix is supposed to at least a 4 or longer, if it's 2 1/2 or lower then you have to go on bedrest and possibly have it stitched up. Mine was so long that he didn't even measure it. He said he knew just by looking it was well over 4. Yippee! Want those babies to stay put! Sonograms are also fun at this stage because they just move around the whole time. You could see a full kick where they bend their knee and then kick. At this point they are all over my stomach. The little boy is always a little lower then the girl, but they both move around vertically and horizontally. This sono. they were horizontal and the little girls feet were all but kicking the boys head. Sibling rivalry is already starting. :) As always, the boy was very photogenic and we got to see beautiful profile pictures. The girl was not cooperating and would just stare straight at us. Not sure, what this says about our future and their personalities. :)

This week we also registered. It wasn't as fun or glorious as I had expected. We went during the week thinking it would be less crowded so we wouldn't get frustrated and get more help. Well, it was less crowded, but we had a really hard time getting help. Josh also didn't enjoy seeing how expensive everything was. I'm the one who has done all the research so had a good understanding of how much all this baby stuff runs, but not my hubby. And on top of that, we have to get 2 of some things since we have 2 babies. I tried my best to really only register for the most important things. Goodness though, it is overwhelming. You could drop some serious cash in no time. Anyways, it was fun to think about our upcoming showers and the babies actually getting to use all the fun stuff!

I'm still hounding Josh to give me the baby bump pictures so I can start putting them up with each post. But, of course he wants to edit them and play with lighting. This week though I will get them!

Next week we start our childbirthing class, so I'm sure I'll have some great stories!

Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

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Dennis & Stephanie said...

Love this picture. You look adorable!