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Thursday, December 22, 2011

21 Weeks

The twins were super busy this week. They constantly have been moving around in my tummy. One night Josh and I were talking about names so he put his hand on my belly to ask what they thought. There was one name that they would go nuts over and move around like crazy for & then when he would try another one they would stop. This went on a few times and they would only go crazy for the one name. Not sure if that means they love it or hate it? So funny!

We started the process of nursery decorating & just looking at different gear! Boy, is that an overwhelming task! You could drop some serious cash if you wanted to. Our main goal was to find cribs. I had done a ton of research so had a general understanding of what we wanted, but hadn't actually gone out and looked. Our biggest dilemma was that most cribs convert into a full bed, which sounds great in theory, but with 2 kids it doesn't work out so great. Luckily, the first store we went to was amazing (LoneStar Baby) and knew of a few cribs that would convert into twins beds. Just what we wanted! They also had the more modern/straight lines look, which was what we were going for. Yipee! We were in luck! So our first "big ticket" items have been ordered! Makes it feel so real!

Not the best picture of me. This was the end of our shopping day. I look so worn out!
My Dr. did call this week and let me know that they want me to come in every 2 weeks now to get my cervix checked and watch the babies growth. So, lots more dr. apts. means lots more baby updates!

Hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas this Sunday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

20 Weeks

Can't believe we are half way there! Really probably sooner since most twins are born at 36/37 weeks! This week was such a huge reality check. So much to do before they get here and before I get too big. I also just want to make sure that I can carry them as long as possible so they won't have to be in the NICU and will have a decent birth weight. I really started to narrow down different things we will need to register for and started getting serious about the nursery! Fun! We are going to look at furniture this weekend!

We also had our 20 week apt. Since I'm pregnant with twins, we get to have sonos at every appointment. I love seeing how much bigger they have gotten...We visited a high risk dr. on Monday due to some family history on Josh's side. I didn't love the Dr. He was just all business and your sterotypical dr. that speaks way over your head and in statistics. Everything looked great though. It was a higher tech sonography machine then normal where you could see all the body parts and organs in detail. So amazing! The boy is weighing in at 1 pound and the girl is 13 ounces. Great sizes! They have also moved vertical instead of being on top of each other. The boy is on my right and the girl is on my left...Tuesday, we went to my normal OB and everything went well there too. Measuring right on track for weight and belly growth. She even said that since I'm in great shape and health there is no reason I shouldn't be able to carry the twins to 38 weeks! That would be amazing! We shall see!

Thanksgiving & Week 17 - 19

Josh and I love Thanksgiving! It's Christmas without all the stress. We had a super relaxing day with Josh's family. We have so much to thankful for this year!

Week 17 - 19: I finally got to feel the babies move! It started out as a bubbly, swimming fish feeling, but then quickly went to full movements. It's so amazing! 

I'm for sure feeling pregnant now since random people can tell. I love being in a store and someone asking me about it! Such a neat experience!

I made 2 cakes for my students to find out the genders. They had a great time and loved being apart of it!

Gender Reveal

When we went to our 16 week Dr. apt. & sono we were shocked when the Sonographer asked if we wanted to know the genders already! We told her that if she could know 99% for both of them then we would have her write it down and seal it in an envelope. We didn't want any guesses! Shockingly, she said she could! So we put together a very impromptu get together to reveal the genders! I took the sealed envelope to the baker and had her make the icing on the inside of the cakes the colors of the babies. So, on November 20th, we had everyone over so we could all find out together! Here are some pictures!

 Cakes and Yummy Food!
 Girl/Girl Team
 Boy/Boy Team
Boy/Girl Team
Cutting Baby A Cake

 It's a Boy!

Cutting Baby B Cake...I was super anxious about this one!
 It's a Girl!
So excited to know that baby A is a Boy and baby B is a girl!!

I am so glad we decided to have a gender reveal party and find out with everyone else! It was so much fun!

We're Pregnant!

Yes! It's true! In case you missed the announcement, we are pregnant! We could not be more excited for our long awaited blessing! We are due in late April! Here is a quick recap so far:

4 weeks - found out we were pregnant!

7 weeks - had our first sono! And boy was it exciting....We found out we were having twins! We could not be more excited! Since I'm an only child one of my biggest fears in life has been to have just one child. Guess we got that out of the way right away! Here I am at the Dr. when we found out. To say I was excited would have been an understatement!

8 - 13 weeks: The first trimester went smooth! My biggest complaint was how slow it seemed to have gone. I was just so ready to get over the first trimester hump and not worry as much about miscarriages...I was nauseous a lot, especially if I didn't have something in my stomach. So just had to be constantly eating....I was soooooooooooooo tired. I'd always heard how tired you got when you were pregnant, but gosh I felt like I was hit by a truck. I would work all day, take a 2 hour nap when I got home, make dinner, and be back in bed by 9. I was just exhausted! Not sure if this was because I was carrying two or if that's how it always is. But, gosh, I was so warn out! We also found out that I was anemic, so know that doesn't help with being tired.

The two Dr. appointments I had during the first trimester went great. I switched to a new Dr. when we found out it was twins (Dr.Flowers). And I could not be more happy with that choice. She is my same size and build, a runner, plus has twins! Just so easy to relate to her!

Still couldn't tell I was pregnant yet. The Dr. said she thought I wouldn't show until week 16 since I was long and lean.

Finally, got to share the new with my school! It was the week the Rangers made it to the World Series, so we took pictures of everyone in their Ranger gear & me in a twins jersey. It took everyone a minute to catch on to me wearing the wrong jersey. But once they did, the reaction was priceless!

We also finally got to announce our surprise on Facebook and to all our friends that didn't know! We couldn't wait to share the news! Here is how we did it!

14-15 weeks: Start of 2nd trimester! Finally started feeling better. Stopped feeling nauseous all the time and had a ton more energy!

We celebrated our 4th Anniversary! We had a romantic night at Abacus! It was wonderful!
 14 weeks

We didn't get any picts. together. :(

16 weeks - At about 16 weeks I finally started to show a little. Clothes were fitting tighter around the waste and I didn't look like I had just gained weight in my stomach! (I'll post baby bump photos next)

At 16 weeks we also got to find out the gender of the twins! That requires a separate post in itself!

We are so excited to be going on this journey and feel that the Lord is truly watching over us and our little ones. We feel so blessed!

So Far Behind

I'm so far behind in the blogging world that I'm not even sure it's worth catching up! But here is my fast attempt!

June  - Finally started summer!! In mid June we welcomed our new niece Kylie Danielle! She was precious! We are so excited that our own kids will have a cousin close in age!

July - We went to Dominican Republic and stayed at Iberostar Grand Bavaro. It was wonderful! Here are a few of our favorite picts!

August - As always summer went way too fast and I started back to school...More excitingly, on August 18th we found out we were pregnant! We could not be more excited for this long awaited gift from God! Here is the official test!
I'll do a separate post on pregnancy so far!