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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gender Reveal

When we went to our 16 week Dr. apt. & sono we were shocked when the Sonographer asked if we wanted to know the genders already! We told her that if she could know 99% for both of them then we would have her write it down and seal it in an envelope. We didn't want any guesses! Shockingly, she said she could! So we put together a very impromptu get together to reveal the genders! I took the sealed envelope to the baker and had her make the icing on the inside of the cakes the colors of the babies. So, on November 20th, we had everyone over so we could all find out together! Here are some pictures!

 Cakes and Yummy Food!
 Girl/Girl Team
 Boy/Boy Team
Boy/Girl Team
Cutting Baby A Cake

 It's a Boy!

Cutting Baby B Cake...I was super anxious about this one!
 It's a Girl!
So excited to know that baby A is a Boy and baby B is a girl!!

I am so glad we decided to have a gender reveal party and find out with everyone else! It was so much fun!

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