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Thursday, December 22, 2011

21 Weeks

The twins were super busy this week. They constantly have been moving around in my tummy. One night Josh and I were talking about names so he put his hand on my belly to ask what they thought. There was one name that they would go nuts over and move around like crazy for & then when he would try another one they would stop. This went on a few times and they would only go crazy for the one name. Not sure if that means they love it or hate it? So funny!

We started the process of nursery decorating & just looking at different gear! Boy, is that an overwhelming task! You could drop some serious cash if you wanted to. Our main goal was to find cribs. I had done a ton of research so had a general understanding of what we wanted, but hadn't actually gone out and looked. Our biggest dilemma was that most cribs convert into a full bed, which sounds great in theory, but with 2 kids it doesn't work out so great. Luckily, the first store we went to was amazing (LoneStar Baby) and knew of a few cribs that would convert into twins beds. Just what we wanted! They also had the more modern/straight lines look, which was what we were going for. Yipee! We were in luck! So our first "big ticket" items have been ordered! Makes it feel so real!

Not the best picture of me. This was the end of our shopping day. I look so worn out!
My Dr. did call this week and let me know that they want me to come in every 2 weeks now to get my cervix checked and watch the babies growth. So, lots more dr. apts. means lots more baby updates!

Hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas this Sunday!

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The Granberrys said...

How fun! I can't wait to see what you pick out for the nursery, I know it will be so stinkin' cute and stylin'! : ) Love you and the sweet twins!