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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

20 Weeks

Can't believe we are half way there! Really probably sooner since most twins are born at 36/37 weeks! This week was such a huge reality check. So much to do before they get here and before I get too big. I also just want to make sure that I can carry them as long as possible so they won't have to be in the NICU and will have a decent birth weight. I really started to narrow down different things we will need to register for and started getting serious about the nursery! Fun! We are going to look at furniture this weekend!

We also had our 20 week apt. Since I'm pregnant with twins, we get to have sonos at every appointment. I love seeing how much bigger they have gotten...We visited a high risk dr. on Monday due to some family history on Josh's side. I didn't love the Dr. He was just all business and your sterotypical dr. that speaks way over your head and in statistics. Everything looked great though. It was a higher tech sonography machine then normal where you could see all the body parts and organs in detail. So amazing! The boy is weighing in at 1 pound and the girl is 13 ounces. Great sizes! They have also moved vertical instead of being on top of each other. The boy is on my right and the girl is on my left...Tuesday, we went to my normal OB and everything went well there too. Measuring right on track for weight and belly growth. She even said that since I'm in great shape and health there is no reason I shouldn't be able to carry the twins to 38 weeks! That would be amazing! We shall see!

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Kay Trotter said...

Tim and I are soooo excited for Josh and Kelly and can't wait for the two little bundles of joy to join our family. As Kelly's mom I get a extra treat of watching my precious baby girl bloom with the gift of motherhood. Our family is truly blessed.