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Saturday, February 25, 2012

29 & 30 Weeks

The last 2 weeks have been super busy! Pretty sure I haven't sat on the couch and chilled any, therefore my blogging has slacked.

Week 29 
We ran around like crazy! I had Chili Cook Off at school & the theme was "Peace Out Baby." Since one of my coworkers is due at the end of March. We dressed up in 70s gear and I got to show off my belly. 

You can't tell but the Art teacher drew...peace, love and babies! It was super cute!
 Josh turned 32!! Can't believe it! We celebrated it by going to dinner in Dallas at this yummy Italian restaurant called Nonna. It reminded us of NY/Italy so much! It only had about 10 tables and was really small and narrow. It was great!

Week 30  -30 Weeks! Holy Cow!
Had a wonderful shower hosted by some of teacher friends & my sisters in law! It was perfect! We celebrated the babies with some of our family and family friends! The twins are so spoiled & they aren't even here! I haven't gotten the picts. yet from a friends camera, so I'll post those when I get them.

I had a Dr. apt. Tuesday at 30 weeks. Everything looked great! The babies are growing like crazy. The dr. opened my file after the sono and was like "Wow! I'm super impressed! You grow amazing sized twins!" It made me laugh. :) She said that the boy is in the 65% and the girl is 49% and that's for singles. She said usually they just want twins in the 20%. Here were the stats:
Boy: 4 pounds (gained 1 pound in 2 weeks!) 144 heart rate
Girl: 3 pounds 8 ounces; 145 heart rate
Cervix is still long and thick
It's getting harder to see what everything is on the sono screen because it's getting so crowded in there. They are still in the same position they have been for the last month. Dr. Flowers said she wouldn't be surprised if that's how they stay. They are making a T shape. With the girl at the top and the boy laying head down right in the middle of my stomach. She said that if they don't change then I'll have to have a C section. If the girl starts to head down then she would let me try natural. We shall see!

We ordered our glider this week and it should come in right before they arrive. I had such a hard time finding a glider. It was crazy! They were either super expensive or just not the style we wanted. I really wanted one that matched our master bedroom bc we will keep it in there while they are down stairs and then move it upstairs in the nursery when they are a little bit older. We finally found one we liked though! We are painting the nursery this weekend! Then all we have to do is wait for the bedding to arrive. It's coming right before they get here too. Can't believe it's finally all coming together. 
Blurry pict. but you get the point!
 That's all for now. 31 weeks is my last week with no dr. apt. I have been going every 2 weeks since 20 weeks, and at 32 weeks I start going every week. Time is flying! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heavy Heart

The last week or so has been one of the hardest things I've ever been through. Our good friends, Robyn & Bryan Adams went into labor Jan. 1st at 19 weeks with their twin boys. Baby A, Titus, water broke on Jan. 2nd, but they were able to stop labor and put her on hospital bed rest. So they spent the next 5 weeks in the hospital. They got to hear both boys heart beats every morning and night & see them through sono. every few days. They were growing and staying strong. The dr.'s were very concerned about Titus' lungs because he was not storing any ambiotic fluid. But the Adams remained hopeful and as they always do, put their trust in the Lord and his plan. We spent the next 5 weeks at the hospital with the Adams begging and pleading with the Lord to keep the boys in as long as possible and to create a miracle in Titus' lungs. The peace and faith that the Adams showed was absolutely amazing. Awe inspiring.

On February 2, at almost 24 weeks, Robyn's labor progressed and at 8:02 p.m. Titus was born vaginally. A few minutes later, his brother, Asher Mark, was born via emergency csection. It caught everyone off guard and it all happened so fast. They took both the boys to the NICU immediately after they were born. Titus passed away 46 minutes later after putting up an amazing fight. Asher remained stable in the NICU. That night we gathered with a few other couples and our pastor and were able to hold and love on Titus. There really are no words to describe that experience. We were able to spend a few hours surrounding Titus, loving on him and praying over him. It was absolutely amazing to see our church community surround this precious baby boy and the Adams. Nothing like I've ever experienced.

The last week and half has been such an emotional roller coaster. We've surrounded the Adams through the grieving and sadness of losing Titus, yet celebrating and being hopeful about the life of Asher. The Adams have been absolutely amazing and continue to glorify the Lord through all the pain. They have the faith that we always hope we would have when we are tested, but they are actually living it. 

Titus & Asher Adams we have loved you since you were placed in your mothers womb as 2 tiny cell structures. We have prayed over you at every phase of development and have known that you would have a huge impact on the world. Titus, although your life was far too short, we know that you were such a fighter and saved your brother. Your life has had more purpose then we ever thought possible. Asher, the last week we have just lived in awe of you. You have made such an impression on everyone in the NICU for such a little guy. We know that your life will too have a greater purpose then we can ever imagine. We look forward to watching how this plays out in the many years ahead. 

Robyn & Bryan, thank you for being such a godly couple that constantly puts the Lord first through every phase of life. It really is such an inspiration. You have touched more lives then you will ever know & have made such an impact on the kingdom of heaven. We love you more then you know.

I'll leave you with these two precious pictures of Titus and Asher.
 And the song that they played the day they were born and when we got to hold Titus. It'll forever be a special song.
Here is the Adams blog if you'd like to keep up with their story

28 Weeks

This last week flew by! I had my long 3 hour tolerance test. I was a little anxious about it since my mom had gestational diabetes. Luckily, it came back negative! Praise the Lord!

Had another Dr. apt. and things look great! The babies are still growing like crazy. Baby boy was 3 pounds and baby girl was 2 pounds 12 ounces. She has caught up to her brother some! Dr. Flowers said "Well, they are having no problem growing!" That's almost 6 pounds of baby. No wonder my stomach has gotten so big! My cervix was about the same, still long and closed. Feeling very blessed that things are going smooth. The dr. won't let me go past 37 weeks, so I guess that makes in the single week countdown! Crazy!! It's going to fly by!

This past weekend I had my first shower! It was perfect!! The girls did an adorable job & stuck with the gray, white, & yellow theme. It was precious! It was with my closest girl friends. It really felt surreal to be celebrating our precious babies. For so many years it's been other people's children, not ours. I felt so loved by such wonderful girls....Here is a sneak peak of how adorable it was! To see all the decor check out
I finally edited all the bump picts. we've taken, but now am having a hard time figuring out how to display them in the blog! Josh finished a huge project today, so tomorrow I'm sticking him on it. I've totally sucked at putting up the pictures. Ugh...

Hope you've had a great week!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

27 Weeks

Third trimester here we come!!

I can't believe it, we are starting into the third trimester. When I look at the calendar it feels like they will be here before we know it. Dr. Flowers won't let me go past 37 weeks so that puts us at early April at the latest. That makes us in the single week countdown! Can't believe it!

This week we found out I failed the Glucose Screening so have to take the long one. I have so many friends that said they failed the screening too, so hopefully I'll just be the same. My mom had gestational diabetes though, so it really wouldn't shock me if I did do. My nurse said that research is really on the fence about whether it's hereditary or not. If the tolerance test comes back positive then I'll have to control it with diet. Not exactly what you want to do when you're this pregnant, but it could be worse.

I started getting braxton hicks contractions this week. My whole stomach just gets really tight like I'm flexing. Pretty weird. Just my uterus "practicing." The weirdest thing about them is that I can feel exactly where the babies are when this happens. My stomach gets so tight that it just feels like two large masses in my tummy. Strange! Luckily they don't hurt, just kind of a strange feeling. The dr. asked me last week if I had started having them & was surprised when I said no, so I guess I'm right on time now.

Not sure why I said I had a shower this week on my last post, it's actually week 28. :) I also have a dr. apt., so will get to have more fun stats. on the growing babies!!