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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heavy Heart

The last week or so has been one of the hardest things I've ever been through. Our good friends, Robyn & Bryan Adams went into labor Jan. 1st at 19 weeks with their twin boys. Baby A, Titus, water broke on Jan. 2nd, but they were able to stop labor and put her on hospital bed rest. So they spent the next 5 weeks in the hospital. They got to hear both boys heart beats every morning and night & see them through sono. every few days. They were growing and staying strong. The dr.'s were very concerned about Titus' lungs because he was not storing any ambiotic fluid. But the Adams remained hopeful and as they always do, put their trust in the Lord and his plan. We spent the next 5 weeks at the hospital with the Adams begging and pleading with the Lord to keep the boys in as long as possible and to create a miracle in Titus' lungs. The peace and faith that the Adams showed was absolutely amazing. Awe inspiring.

On February 2, at almost 24 weeks, Robyn's labor progressed and at 8:02 p.m. Titus was born vaginally. A few minutes later, his brother, Asher Mark, was born via emergency csection. It caught everyone off guard and it all happened so fast. They took both the boys to the NICU immediately after they were born. Titus passed away 46 minutes later after putting up an amazing fight. Asher remained stable in the NICU. That night we gathered with a few other couples and our pastor and were able to hold and love on Titus. There really are no words to describe that experience. We were able to spend a few hours surrounding Titus, loving on him and praying over him. It was absolutely amazing to see our church community surround this precious baby boy and the Adams. Nothing like I've ever experienced.

The last week and half has been such an emotional roller coaster. We've surrounded the Adams through the grieving and sadness of losing Titus, yet celebrating and being hopeful about the life of Asher. The Adams have been absolutely amazing and continue to glorify the Lord through all the pain. They have the faith that we always hope we would have when we are tested, but they are actually living it. 

Titus & Asher Adams we have loved you since you were placed in your mothers womb as 2 tiny cell structures. We have prayed over you at every phase of development and have known that you would have a huge impact on the world. Titus, although your life was far too short, we know that you were such a fighter and saved your brother. Your life has had more purpose then we ever thought possible. Asher, the last week we have just lived in awe of you. You have made such an impression on everyone in the NICU for such a little guy. We know that your life will too have a greater purpose then we can ever imagine. We look forward to watching how this plays out in the many years ahead. 

Robyn & Bryan, thank you for being such a godly couple that constantly puts the Lord first through every phase of life. It really is such an inspiration. You have touched more lives then you will ever know & have made such an impact on the kingdom of heaven. We love you more then you know.

I'll leave you with these two precious pictures of Titus and Asher.
 And the song that they played the day they were born and when we got to hold Titus. It'll forever be a special song.
Here is the Adams blog if you'd like to keep up with their story

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