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Saturday, February 25, 2012

29 & 30 Weeks

The last 2 weeks have been super busy! Pretty sure I haven't sat on the couch and chilled any, therefore my blogging has slacked.

Week 29 
We ran around like crazy! I had Chili Cook Off at school & the theme was "Peace Out Baby." Since one of my coworkers is due at the end of March. We dressed up in 70s gear and I got to show off my belly. 

You can't tell but the Art teacher drew...peace, love and babies! It was super cute!
 Josh turned 32!! Can't believe it! We celebrated it by going to dinner in Dallas at this yummy Italian restaurant called Nonna. It reminded us of NY/Italy so much! It only had about 10 tables and was really small and narrow. It was great!

Week 30  -30 Weeks! Holy Cow!
Had a wonderful shower hosted by some of teacher friends & my sisters in law! It was perfect! We celebrated the babies with some of our family and family friends! The twins are so spoiled & they aren't even here! I haven't gotten the picts. yet from a friends camera, so I'll post those when I get them.

I had a Dr. apt. Tuesday at 30 weeks. Everything looked great! The babies are growing like crazy. The dr. opened my file after the sono and was like "Wow! I'm super impressed! You grow amazing sized twins!" It made me laugh. :) She said that the boy is in the 65% and the girl is 49% and that's for singles. She said usually they just want twins in the 20%. Here were the stats:
Boy: 4 pounds (gained 1 pound in 2 weeks!) 144 heart rate
Girl: 3 pounds 8 ounces; 145 heart rate
Cervix is still long and thick
It's getting harder to see what everything is on the sono screen because it's getting so crowded in there. They are still in the same position they have been for the last month. Dr. Flowers said she wouldn't be surprised if that's how they stay. They are making a T shape. With the girl at the top and the boy laying head down right in the middle of my stomach. She said that if they don't change then I'll have to have a C section. If the girl starts to head down then she would let me try natural. We shall see!

We ordered our glider this week and it should come in right before they arrive. I had such a hard time finding a glider. It was crazy! They were either super expensive or just not the style we wanted. I really wanted one that matched our master bedroom bc we will keep it in there while they are down stairs and then move it upstairs in the nursery when they are a little bit older. We finally found one we liked though! We are painting the nursery this weekend! Then all we have to do is wait for the bedding to arrive. It's coming right before they get here too. Can't believe it's finally all coming together. 
Blurry pict. but you get the point!
 That's all for now. 31 weeks is my last week with no dr. apt. I have been going every 2 weeks since 20 weeks, and at 32 weeks I start going every week. Time is flying! 

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Dennis & Stephanie said...

Can't believe how incredible you look:) They will be here before you know it, can't wait!