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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

31 Weeks

The weeks are coming and going so fast! I can't keep up!...I had my last shower at school. It was so fun to celebrate the twins with all my coworkers. Can't believe 5 years ago we were having our wedding shower there. It's been such a blessing to walk through life with these ladies.  
3 pregnant teachers! Kristen on the right is 35 weeks, me 31 weeks, and Julie is 26 weeks!
The biggest change this week has been the contractions! I've been having braxton hicks contractions for about a month now, but this last week they have really started to be noticeable. My stomach makes the weirdest shape when I'm having a contraction and you can see exactly where their heads and butts are since it gets so tight. So strange!...The other biggest change has been sleep! Or lack there of. I have to go to the bathroom every 2/3 hours. Makes for great sleep. :) It's usually a contraction that wakes me up and then I realize I'm dieing to go to the bathroom. It feels like I haven't gone to the bathroom all day. Amazing how cramped these babies make everything. But, having a contraction w/ a full bladder and climbing over our 100+ pound dog in bed, makes for a pretty challenging sleep. 

Next week I start my weekly dr. apts! Crazy it's already here.  We are also painting the nursery this weekend, so I'll post some teasers!

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