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Thursday, March 8, 2012

32 Weeks

We finally started the nursery! Here are some teaser picts!
These are the sample fabrics for the bedding and our color inspiration.

The room started off this dark blue. Josh had a great time getting the light color to cover all this dark blue.

Color & Fabric Samples
Standing on my feet all day at work chasing around twenty, 8 year olds, with a basketball sized stomach, has started to take its toll on my body. At night time my ankles and feet are starting to swell, so I have to make sure and sit all day with my feet propped up. Gosh, this hard! Didn't realize how much I walk around and teach standing up. But I'll do anything to avoid bedrest. 

I had a dr. apt. this week and got to see the babies! They are still growing like crazy! Here are the stats:
Boy = 4 pounds 15 ounces; heartbeat 131
Girl = 4 pounds 2 ounces; heartbeat 134
Everything else looked great. She was still super impressed with how big they are and said that the boy is big for a single and the girl is growing at a normal single rate. She had me book the next two weeks of apts. and then said at 34 weeks we would see where we are. She wants me to at least make it to 36 weeks, which is the last weekend in March. I'm thinking Easter weekend sounds like a great time to have a birthday! I'd be 37 weeks! So, we shall see.  

This next week is Spring Break and I could not be more excited! I crossing off what's left of the "Twin To-do List" and putting finishing touches on the nursery & just relaxing! Can't wait!

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