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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Thought I'd link up with some of my girl friends and do a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" Post:
  1. I'm loving...The Adams. This precious couple has quite a week. Robyn is 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys and went into labor. Most of you know the story from my Facebook updates. But, praise the Lord they didn't deliver the boys and Robyn is stable on hospital bedrest now....Boy, has this couple been such an amazing example to us. Through the ups and downs of this week they have been able to ultimately still desire to know Christ more above their own wants and desires. I know that we all say that and hope that when we are tested we will show that through our actions, but gosh, when you're in the mist of it all it can be hard to do....Josh and I have walked with this couple through many trials the last few years and have grown especially close through the pregnancy of both of our twins. So, obviously, this week has hit really close to home. It's for sure but Josh and I in check when we think about our twins & having open hands to the Lord and his ultimate plan....This week I'm more then ever thankful for this couple. 
2. I'm loving... Pinterest. BUT, not for the obvious reasons. More then looking at all the pictures and getting great ideas, I love all the blogs that I come across. I'm an amazing blog stocker! :) It's just like reading a book. You get a little glimpse into other people's reality. I love it!
3. I'm loving...Starbucks Decaf Salted Carmel Mocha. One of my besties, Jaimee, introduced this drink to me a while ago. Man, am I in love! I drink it a few times a week! So yummy!

4.I'm loving...Palmers! This stuff is amazing! I use the lotion & tummy butter in the morning and then the oil at night. It's just wonderful! Makes your tummy so soft all the time. Gotta keep those stretch marks away!

Hope you had a great day!

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Jill said...

Love this post! Thanks for the Adam's blog and the "lotion". You look adorable! Congrats!!