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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

D Day

Last picture taken pregnant! This is right before we left for the hospital at 4 a.m.

We were set for the first csection delivery of the day so had to be at the hospital at 4:30 a.m. So as you can imagine I didn't sleep much the night before. Maybe 2 hours?

On the way to the hospital we both were just kind of in a trance. So many emotions! Excited, scared, worried, peaceful... It didn't hit me until the drive there that I was having surgery. I've never had surgery. I started to get really nervous thinking about it. So much that I couldn't stop shaking...We got to labor and delivery and met our sweet nurse and she walked us through everything. I just remember sitting on the bed in the prep room, so uncomfortable with my huge belly that was measuring 42 weeks, thinking...this is really happening.

They wheeled me into the operating room, without Josh, he would come in after they had started. I got my spinal tap, which actually just felt like a mosquito bit. I was expecting much worse! And then they began. Right after the dr. made the incision Josh came in and sat by me. It was but 5 mins. later the dr. said "here is baby A!" Josh was able to stand up and watch them pull him out. The dr. said he had tons of hair and was pooping! They then went over and weighed him and called out 7 pounds 2 ounces. I looked at Josh and asked if they just said he was 7 pounds 2 ounces! I was shocked he was that big. All I could hear was him grunting, no cry. The NICU team in the room was messing with him and trying to get him to cry. They said since it was a csection he didn't get all the fluid pushed out of his lungs so he was just grunting. So, for a little bit they worked on getting him to cry and were debating taking him to the NICU... a minute later the dr. said "and here is baby b!" She came out screaming! The first thing Josh said was "She is beautiful, she has your nose. She looks just like you." The whole pregnancy he kept telling me that he hoped she had my nose. So, it was a sweet moment when he said that. They took her to the scale and she was 5 pounds 8 ounces. I couldn't believe how big they were...They quickly cleaned her up and gave her to Josh. Not much later they decided baby boy was fine and cleaned him up and gave him to Josh...The next thing I know, I looked over and Josh had both the babies and was leaning down to show me. It was a surreal moment. I couldn't believe these precious babies had just come out of me and they were ours.

After they finished the surgery and cleaning me up, they took us the recovery room. The nursery team was in there still trying to get Everett to cry. They said they were going to give him a bath because most new babies don't enjoy it and will cry.  Well, of course he loved it and just grunted the whole time. His little noises were precious...While they were trying to get Everett to cry they let me nurse Emery. She latched on immediately and went to town. It was a super sweet moment...A little after the bath Everett finally did start crying and they decided he was fine, just needed to work on getting that fluid out.

After I finally got the feeling back in my legs (what a scary feeling!), we were able to head to our post partum room. Our family was dying to see us! They had been in the waiting room since 8 am but since Everett was having a hard time breathing, we took a little while longer in the recovery room.

They wheeled me in my bed with both babies in my arms down the hall to our room & past our family. They were super excited to see u! It was neat to see our family at the end of the hall before we got to them with their huge smiles on their face. They were so excited!

The rest of that day was kind of a blur. I was still on tons of meds and wasn't aloud out of bed for 24 hrs. We had TONS and TONS of visitors! They were already so loved. I just kept looking at them and thinking, you are mine! You were just inside me. Such a surreal and absolutely wonderful feeling!

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Dennis and Stephanie said...

Aw I teared up reading this!! So incredible! So excited for you guys!