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Sunday, July 14, 2013

You're the Best Song - Bethany Dillion

In love with this song by Bethany Dillon

You're the Best Song

Good morning
You and the sun are up before I'm ready
But ready or not, you need me
So here I am

I'm learning that in the long hard days
There is beauty
Do you know my favorite place to see it
It's when I look at you

And though I'm tired now
You're worth every sleepless night
You're worth it all, cause I know...

You're the best song I'll ever write
And we're humming and dancing through the years together
You're the best song I'll ever write
And I pray you'll hear Jesus in it when you're older

I remember when you were just a heartbeat that I heard
and now our eyes meet
Forever is not enough to love you


Every prayer for you is like a seed in the ground
Every tear I cry is like rain
And in its due season
I pray a harvest will be found
Your heart and mouth confessing Jesus' name
Your heart and mouth confessing Jesus' name 

1 comment:

Dr KayTrotter said...

This is beautiful....the song describes EXACTLY how we mom's feel on those early morning hours when our precious babies are awake and ready for the day and we're still tired—this song is the prefect montra to help us remember how special we are as moms and how important mommies and daddies are to their children. "If I had it all to do over again, I would not have all my fancy degrees, but I would have more children and be a stay at home mom. The best job anyone could have." - Kay