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Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July 2013

Growing up we always went to visit my family in Webster Groves, Missouri (suburb of St.Louis). The fourth of July is a huge deal in St. Louis. Webster always has a huge parade that we would go watch and occassionally have a reason to be in. Then my grandma and Aunt would have a picnic on their front lawn. Later that night we would go up to the Rec. Center for the carnival that comes in every year and then watch the fireworks. It was a huge deal and what I grew up thinking every 4th of July was like. The few times that we would stay in Texas for the 4th we were always disappointed that not much was going on. 

Yesterday was one of the first 4th of July's that I actually felt like it was a real 4th! We had a great day! We started of at the Double Oak Parade. Our friends live right on the parade route so it was fun to be able to all be together and watch the parade. It was the first parade for the twins and they loved it! 

Talking to Asher

Mimi and Grandpa were there too!

After the parade we came home so the twins could nap and Josh worked on putting together their new swing set! That evening we went over to the Adams to swim and BBQ. It was only the 2nd time we've had all our kids together! It was wonderful. I just love having everyone there. The twins love playing with all the big kids and just can't sit still!
Can I freeze her just like this?

Dinner time!

Playing with Finley! She loves the big girls!

Playing ball with Asher :)
We didn't make the fireworks this year, just don't think they could make it that late when they normally are in bed at 7:30. Thinking next year we will try it!

This 4th was the first one with out my grandma. The 4th was one of her favorite holidays and she has helped with Webster Groves celebration for decades. I know she would have been so proud to know that the twins loved celebrating it and a blast at their first 4th of July parade. Love you grandma! Hope you had a blast watching the fireworks last night just from a different view :)
My grandma watching the parade last year

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