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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1st Week

I found a bunch of old drafts from post from a long time! So figured for memory sake I need to post them!

This is from April 2012

We stayed in the hospital for 5 days. This was great for us! There was someone there to cook for me, a nurses to check on me and the babies, & a nursery where we could send the babies when we wanted to get a little bit of sleep.

Josh was absolutely wonderful! Since I wasn't aloud out of bed for the first 24 hrs, that meant Josh was super busy. Breastfeeding twins is a full time job! They eat every 2 hours. This meant Josh would have to hand me a baby, let me feed them, then take them back and change their diaper, and then get them to sleep. Then start the whole process again for the second baby. As you can imagine, it was a long 24 hrs.

On about day 3 our pediatrician told us that Everett was losing too much weight so we would need to start supplementing until my milk came in. I was not thrilled about this. I didn't want to give them bottles yet because I was afraid of nipple confusion since they were so little. So we decided we would use an eye dropper to get the formula in their mouth. While they were latched on we would put the dropper in their mouth. It was super hard. I also had started tandem feeding them in order to save time and not spend all day feeding them. This meant that Josh and one of the nurses had to help out and put the droppers in their mouth while I held their head. It was quite the scene. We did this for about a day before we decided that I would just feed them independently while we had to supplement.

On day 5 they sent us home & we were ready to take them home to meet our fur babies and start our new life. It was a surreal moment to pull away with 2 newborns in the back seat! So crazy!

Our fur babies were super excited to see us when we got home! Atticus could really have cared less about the babies, he just wanted to see us. Boo, was super interested and just stared at them. It was sweet.

Some of my dear friends had decorated the house! There was a welcome banner on the garage, signs with their names and weights, and a twins banner on the mantel. I was so excited when we pulled into the drive way. What a great surprise!

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