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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Royal Wedding

I was completely and unexpectedly mesmerized by the Royal Wedding on Friday.  I hadn't really paid any attention to it in the months leading up to it. I knew when the wedding was and had maybe seen one picture of the couple, but that was really it.

I had Friday off of work so woke up that morning and thought I'd make some coffee and just watch a few of the recaps of the wedding.

Gosh, I was instantly sucked in. I just loved all of it!

Kate, was absolutely stunning. Her dress was a beautiful mix of tradition and modern. The custom lace was perfect.
 I loved her simple tiara. She could have picked any kind she wanted and yet she was for something so simple.
I loved the classy, yet beautiful dress she switched into for the reception. She looks so tiny!
I loved her sisters dress. It was so different then anything an American would pick for their Maid of Honor. She looked amazing. They are both just beautiful!
I loved how they added trees to Westminister. Who knew you could do that? Guess you can do whatever you want when you're the prince.

I just loved how reporter after reporter would talk about how simple Kate & William were. They have dated for almost 10 years! They are living away for the castle for the next 2 years and are going to try to lead a semi-normal life. While they're away they aren't going to have any servants. For their engagement pictures Kate did her own hair and makeup even though there was  a stylist crew there.

I really had no idea how much drama the Royal Family has had for the last two decades. I knew that obviously Princess Diana had died and that her and Charles had a rocky past. But, that was really it. As I watched the wedding on Friday morning I did a little research and link after link it told of all the affairs, divorces, and heart ache that this family has gone through. It definitely made you look at the Fairy Tale life in a different light.  No wonder William and Kate dated for 10 years with a past like that. 

It was so much fun to be able to watch a piece of history unfold!

Congrats to William & Kate! Thanks for letting the world share in your special day!

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