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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things I love lately...

1. I really love looking at other people's blogs. It could be a personal blog, a blog about their kids, a decorating blog, it can be someone I know, or someone I have never met in my life. I just find it very interesting to see how other people are living their life, almost like reading a story. Thus, my decision to start blogging again. If I have time to read other peoples blog, then I have time to do my own. (not that anyone is reading it)

2. Yellow & Gray
I LOVE this! Not really sure where I could incorporate this in my house, but I just am loving this color scheme.

3. Decorating!
I am really into decorating our house right now! Really though, I just thinking decorating is interesting and love looking at decorating blogs and magazines to get different ideas!

4. Breakfast on Saturdays with My Hubby!
Now if you know me then this will come as a shock! I hate breakfast! I hate the type of food, I don't wake up hungry, it makes my stomach hurt, & I NEVER eat it! But Josh and I have kind of started a Saturday morning ritual where we go out to eat (usually IHOP)! Shockingly enough I've come to love this time. I think it's really more about the quality time with my hubby then the food, but still, never thought I'd come to love breakfast.

5. Running
I know, I know, I have always loved to run. BUT, that doesn't mean I always do it. Ever since I started teaching I find it so hard to come home from work and go for a run. I'm usually just so worn out, physically & emotionally, that the last thing I want to do is go be on my feet for 30-60 more minutes. Everyone always says that you really will have so much more energy if you work out, so I thought fine I'll fight the urge to sit on the couch after work and try it. And guess what? Everyone is right! I do have so much more energy! Running has also always been so theraputic for me and is a great time for me to think. Boy did I forget how much I miss that time!

6. House Beautiful Magazine
This really probably should have gone after #3, but oh well. Anyways, I just love this magazine!


The Granberrys said...'re attempting to blog again. I love it. I'm blog obsessed! : )

Amanda and Hud said...

I read it!!!