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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I've been coming across tons of pictures of things that I'd love to do to our house, but just aren't things I'd do right now. So, I added a folder labeled "someday." Which got me thinking about my long list of "somedays"...

1. Someday...we'll remodel our master bath so it no longer has the ugliest navy blue tile you've ever seen.
2. Someday...the upstairs will be completely livable rather then completely consumed by Josh's art. We're working on this, but the progress is slow...
3. Someday...our mantel will display a beautiful piece of art. You'd think that when you have an artist husband this would be easy, but it's amazing how our own walls quickly get put on the back burner.
4. Someday... Josh will get a functional studio that is bigger then a 12x12 room where he can be as messy as he wants and track paint wherever he wants.
5. Someday...we will probably move. Yes, it's true.
6. Someday...I will get to decorate my own baby nursery rather then just saving pictures of ones I love in a folder.
7. Someday...we'll go back to Venice, Italy and actually get to ride a gondola rather then putting it off for the last day.
8. Someday...we'll go to Greece.
9. Someday...I'll have time to volunteer at Children's Hospital.
10. Someday...I will get back to a consistent work out schedule.
11. Someday...

I know that some of these things on my "someday" list will happen sooner then others. But for right now it's fun to dream while continually being blessed by the things of today.

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The Granberrys said...

Someday will happen...someday!
I was just look at Greek vacations the other day...maybe that should be our next couples trip! : )Love you!