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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life with an Arist

As many of you know, Josh is an artist. This past year he received an amazing commission. A new high rise residential condo in Downtown Dallas, Park 17, wanted him to 6 huge paintings in their lobby plus a giant mural. It really became a much bigger project then we could have ever anticipated. But boy did it turned out great!

We had to completely transform our WHOLE upstairs into a studio. He took over the 3 bedrooms, bathroom, & loft. After all that he really didn't have enough space.

See the works in progress! I'm so proud!

Josh went on top of a high rise one night to get a picture of the Dallas Skyline to use in the paintings below. He took the pictures on film and then did photo emulsion onto the canvas. They came out awesome! see below

The 40 Ft. Mural! It's huge!

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